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As a fourth-generation wheat farmer from Washington state with experience in cannabis cultivation and crop management, Vertica’s CEO and founder, Hope Knapp, has a deep understanding of the challenges that cultivators today face. That is why she has made it her mission to provide growers with the tools for long-term success.

“At the heart of Vertica is really my father’s work ethic and that of his ancestors. My great grandfather had the courage and foresight to make the journey to America from Germany as a mail carrier in the late 1800s and make claim to some land. His single choice provided a legacy for me to stand on.

In my father’s office, there hangs a framed picture of my ancestors. They are standing on top of equipment that is completely un-motorized and drawn by a large team of horses. Those harvests must have been brutal! Over the many decades and generations, the machinery did change, but the work ethic did not. My father worked his land until the day he could not. I have always admired my father, his dedication to his land and his dedication to farming. He was a “lifer”, a master of his craft, and never stopped learning how to do it better.

Vertica is my farm 2.0. It represents the culmination of all the experience and insight that I’ve gained, tried, and tested over the years. Farming will always be my passion. It is in my blood.”


“I’ve seen the immense burden that growers have today and how many barriers there are to real profit. Of the many variables that contribute to high price-per-pound electricity and rent are among the hardest to overcome. These days growers need an advantage in at least one of these areas if they want to succeed and grow their business. It is the only way to breakthrough. Our products offer an advantage in both.

One of the keys to a predictable crop is in the consistency of each plant’s treatment. Outdoors that means even irrigation and pest control. Indoors that means even light exposure. The more even your light intensity is, the more predictable each crop becomes. The more predictable each crop is, the more scalable your business becomes. Vertica’s Bullet Light family is designed to provide just that.

Growing up on a farm, I saw first-hand what excessive heat can do to a crop and how much harder it can be to keep a crop healthy and on schedule. Farmers are at the mercy of mother nature when it comes to heat because they grow outdoors. Cannabis growers are not, but a strained HVAC system can be as unpredictable as the weather and has the potential to cause much more damage when it fails.”

I understand what is needed in real growing situations and environments. It’s important for equipment to be durable, especially if that equipment is the engine that powers your business. At VERTICA LED we aren’t just making durable products, we’re making engines.”

- Hope Knapp, CEO

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