Vertica Advantage

Long lasting, efficient, effective. products aren't just a superior grow lights, they're an investment in the future of your business.
So, you can make more biomass while spending less on energy.


A light isn’t a Lamborghini. It’s a John Deer.
Cooling fans can be damaged or fouled by debris, resulting in overheating and premature failure of your fixture. They are also impossible to clean allowing them to harbor dirt, dust, and spores between grows, potentially recontaminating the same grow space over and over.
Products with cooling fins or fans usually need them because their LEDs are run at higher temperatures. As a result, fixtures like these often have shorter lifespans. Not only are our LEDs run at lower temperatures for a longer lifespan, we have designed our lights to do so without the use of cooling fins or fans.


Grow rooms can be tight, hectic work spaces full of moving personnel and equipment. Our lights are made with thick aluminum frames that are lightweight, rigid, and impact resistant so that when accidents happen you and your plants are never left in the dark.


Our lights are fully and continuously dimmable down to true 0% output. Many competing LED products continue to use power and produce trace amounts of light even when fully dimmed, which reduces the effectiveness of your day-night cycle. Our lights are also group-dimmable allowing you to control the brightness of up to 4 fixtures at once from a single point.


The closer you run an LED to its maximum output, the higher its operating temperature becomes thus reducing its lifespan. By running more diodes at lower output the Bullet Light's LED temperature remain low, which eliminates the need for fans and cooling fins and dramatically increases their lifespan. Our lights will remain useful for years longer than other LED fixtures.


At full output our Propagation Light produces less than 1/3rd as much heat as competing LED products and less than 1/7th as much heat as HID fixtures for the same number of clones.
Less heat in your grow space means you spend less to cool it. Choosing our lights can lower your HVAC costs by more than 50%.


Our lightweight fixtures can be lowered all the way down to the canopy level or raised all the way up to their mounts, staying close to your canopy as your plants grow. Not only does this maximize your energy efficiency at every point in the grow cycle, it allows you to grow up to 60% more biomass in the same vertical space as other LED fixtures.


"4D" stands for "Drop Down & Dim Down". Drop our lights down close to your canopy and dim them down to the optimal level for a massive reduction in energy use and heat output without sacrificing PAR coverage.


Our slightly higher blue and green spectrum content of our propagation light has been shown to encourage greater CBG production. Plants flowered under LED lights produce between 2 to 3X as much CBG compared to HPS lamps.


The distributed diode layout of our lights is designed to provide even PAR coverage no matter how close you hang them to your canopy.


Our thin, sturdy lights are designed to help you maximize the efficiency of your space.


Not only should every dollar you invest move your business one step forward, but it should also make the next step easier. Our first product to market is The Bullet Light for propagation. We’ve designed this product to help farmers produce more clones in the same footprint while also spending less on energy. It is our mission to enable our clients to make more while spending far less.

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